The first time I met an flatcoated retriever it was 1983 and I was 11 years old. It was love at first sight and through these 38  years this love for the breed has only grown. We had an old boxer at the time and my father had been going to shows with her and breeding two litters. I have always loved animals and specially dogs and been interested in shows since I was a little girl. When our old boxer died I knew instantly that my next dog would be an flatcoated retriever. So in 1985 we bought two flatcoated retriever bitch puppies from kennel Biggas. 

Year 1986 I was at the first  show with my flatcoats Biggas Nina and Biggas Nadja, and from that show on my inspiration for showing dogs has only grown. Both the girls did very well on shows collecting cc`s and Nadja also had two cacibs. I have always been interested in training dogs and working with them.I became interested in fieldtrials when I wanted to make my girls champions. Nina didn`t pass the field trial test, but Nadja did and she became Fin Ch FinW-89. I think the biggest challenge in training a flatcoated retriever is how to make an intelligent, active dog with great sence of humour to work with you. This needs a lot of humour, patient and common sence. These two females Biggas Nina and Fin Ch Finw-89 Biggas Nadja are one big reason why I totally fall in love with this beautiful breed.

The biggest one came in to my life in 1991. In the end of 1991 we had lots of sorrow in our family when we lost both Nina and Nadja in just two months.Even if I was very sad I thought that the best medicine would be to buy a new puppy to bright my day. I had an idea to bring a puppy from abroad and with the help of Christina Helenius I got to know Ragnhild Ulin from kennel Almanza in Sweden. There had been puppies born in Christmas, 2 males and 7 females and after a while in contact with Ragnhild I could make my reservation for a bitch puppy. In three months I would be able to get my new puppy home! This is how Fin N Ch Finw-98-99 Almanza Light Of Olympic Flare " Sandra " came in to my life and filled it with joy and happiness. She was the dog of my life I can only say of her.

With Sandra I went to shows in Finland, Sweden and Norway . She did also very well in fieldtrials. She loved to show herself and was like a star every time she entered the ring. But the things I most liked to do with her were all the trips to our summerplace and all the long walks in the forest. Simply everything we did together through the ten lovely years she was here with me. She had an incredible sence of humour and she was always happy. Sandra is the reason why I started breeding. Because she was healthy, beautiful and an exellent worker, I thought she would be perfect ground for my breeding work. I was right about that, Sandra gave me two lovely healthy litters she and I can be proud of.

She was an exellent mother every time and took care of her babies, giving them love and dicipline in just the right way. A dog like Sandra comes to your life once in a lifetime If you are lucky that is. I have been so lucky to have had her in my life for ten wonderful years and I will always cherish her in my heart! Luckily I still have one daughter after Sandra at home and Flareway Special Delight will continue her mothers lines.

End of 1998 I had an opportunity to bring another beautiful girl puppy from kennel Almanza. INT & NORD & FIN & NO CH SE Show CH NORDW-01-03 FINW-02 Almanza Showstopper of Flareway "Elsa" brought  lots of happiness and joy for our lives for almost 13 years. 

Flareway Special Delight "Liisa" had her first litter at April 2004. I am so pleased with this Hot-litter and a liver female Fin Ch Flareway Hot Mocha "Ada" I have kept at home from this litter. She is a lovely girl on both show and working side and gained her Champion title summer 2007. Liisa´s second and last litter was born 19th of September 2006 and it really promises good for the future. I have kept a black female Flareway Dreams N´Wishes "Selma" from this litter and she is a lovely, promising girl. Selma has already gained several exellent and one reservCC from junior class. Fin Ch Flareway Hot Mocha "Ada" had her first litter in may 2008 and it looks very promising.

Flareway Special Delight "Liisa" travelled to rainbowbridge june 2009 because of oldage artrosis in her elbow and a large tumour in her splean. And the daughter of Ada; Flareway She´s The One " Maisa" we lost because of an tragid acident at the age of 10 months.
So the winter, spring and beginning of summer 2009 was full of sorrow in our family. Maybe it would be time to have a new puppy in the house to bring joy and happiness into our family again. In june I was surfing in the internet to get my mind of all the sorrow and found my way to Kennel Whizzbang´s homepage, and there she was Pretty Woman, beautiful female puppy of 4 months. We started to be in contact with Dorte and after lots of e-mails, sms and arrangements we decided that Pretty Woman would move to Finland!
Weekend 18th-19th of july I flew to Denmark to collect Pretty Woman and everything went smoothly allthough she had to travel by airplane in a flyingbox. Now "Magda" is her and she is simply a dream come true and already after few days has brought so much joy into our lives! Thank you Dorte and Kim for this opportunity to have her!

Unfortunately Magda started to have symptoms on her back and hiparea at the age of 3,5 years, after several exams and exrays she was diagnosed with severe spondylosis. Had to make some changement on her life and we decided that for Magda was best to move living with my mother as a retired female and live a much more calm lifestyle. She is doing well at my mums house and enjoying all the attention to herself.  Magda lived a happy , peaceful life till she was 12.5 years old. 

2013 summer Harvahampaan Keep The Feeling " Margot" a black female came to our lives and she is a beautiful, sweet, kind and happy girl with lots of will to please, she is a promising girl with bright future ahead of her. 

" Margot " filled all my dreams being a beautiful girl inside and outside and had temperament close to perfection, her heart was full of gold. She became C.I.B FI EE CH EEW-17 Harvahampaan Keep The Feeling.

Margot had her first and last litter 2018 January, 3 females and 5 males, all big and strong puppies. Future will show what will become of these little " Stars ". I have kept from her only litter a black female EEJW-19 Flareway Feeling Like A Star " Stella ". She is a copy of her mum, beautiful inside and outside and with lovely temperament.

We sadly lost our beautiful Margot december 2018 just  5,5 years young to cancer, lymphoma. Biggest tragedy for our family that we will never understand or recover.

2014 autumn I flew to Chezk to pic up Ada´s granddaughter Toblerone Black Brianta " Lizzie" from kennel Black Brianta. Beautiful, brave and sweet girl with lovely liver colour, another promising girl that will be interesting to follow grow up. Lizzie has grown up to be a lovely , sweet liver girl that is happy and always ready to work with me. Lizzie travelled to the rainbowbridge autumn 2023 because of a big tumour in her spleen.

Life is full of happy and sad things and we had lots of sorrow in our family in the pass 6 years. We lost our old ladies Ada, Fin Ch Flareway Hot Mocha june 2015 at the age of 11,2 years and sweet old Selma, Flareway Dreams N´Wishes ocotober 2016 at the age of 10 years. And the most awful tragedy was to loose our special Margot at the age of 5.5 years.

Our beautiful american cockerspaniel girls Grace and Kaya. New chapter is opened at my doghobby.